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  1. M

    Thermal storage Qs, PEX vs Copper; bleach in non-Pressu. tank; Flue and boiler sizing

    First time post here! This site is really great, learned a whole lot already. I'm just about to pull the trigger on an EKO 25 kw - 85k btu (gasifier), and incorporate a thermal storage tank. This system would run in parallel to a very tired propane boiler from the '80's. My house is moderately...
  2. C

    Pipe/tubing identification

    BLUF: Is this PEX tubing? I have not seen red PEX with a black interior before. So I have been battling a leaky sillcock for a couple weeks, utterly unable to disassemble the faucet itself even with the help of a torch, so was just going to replace the entire sillcock, however whoever...
  3. Evelyn

    Radiant floors and Wiseway clearances

    Hi! First Post! We have a couple concerns before we can buy a Wiseway Pellet Stove. We will be replacing a Bixby stove and using that chimney. 1) The existing chimney is 3” surrounded by 5” double walled construction. The existing vent goes through a SuperiorWall concrete wall and out the...
  4. S

    ID of 1-1/4" thermopex

    Anyone have a piece they can measure? I've heard everywhere from 1.054" to 1.28"...I'm hoping it's closer to the higher number. Regards, Scotty