1. R

    Harmon PF100 help

    We just moved into a house 3 weeks ago that has a Harmon PF100 furnace that was installed back in 2008. I'm having a heck of a time with this furnace and getting ready to call it quits with pellet heat. I had the place that installed it out to look at why it won't light and it lit for him...
  2. J

    New owner of a Harman PF100

    I recently bought a home with a 2010 PF100 furnace that was not very well maintained... After cleaning out about 40-50 pounds of ash, lubricated fan shafts, hinges and screw threads with high temp lubricant and scraping rust off of just about everything, I have realized (thanks to these forums)...
  3. DougInMaine

    Harman PF100 Shop, Parts List, Exploded View

    I've owned my PF100 for years. During this time, Harman would never provide any documentation for homeowner do-it-yourselfers. Now that they no longer make this furnace, is it possible to get a shop manual, a parts list, or an exploded view? Thank you!
  4. DougInMaine

    Harman PF100 Auger "Clunk"

    I have what is probably an original Harman PF100. Within a few months of installation, I came to the conclusion that I knew more than the dealer (who did successfully install a replacement igniter). I've done all the cleanings, installed a new control board, added a remote programmable...
  5. H

    PF100 Feed Light Won't Come On Or Feed

    I purchased a house with a PF100 in it. It took a while for me to understand how to work the furnace - it did not have a wall thermostat. We started using it in service mode and manually lighting it. This worked but not everytime. Shortly after I tried automatic light, and that worked much...