PF100 auger motor not running

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DJ Matt

Jan 25, 2016
Brentwood, NH
I have a 2009 PF100. The auger motor started failing in the past week or two. I replaced the vacuum switch. Tried a new motor. Tested the motor and it runs on it’s own. I replaced the mother board which failed on a two blink status. I have been running the furnace a few hours a day by running the auger with power independent from the furnace. (A 3 pronged plug)
The rope gasket is not in great shape so I have a new one arriving tomorrow.
The hopper gasket looks great.
I have jumped the vacuum switch with no results.
The light for the auger motor is running normal but not getting power through.
Any thing I might have missed?
Furnace is clean and the chimney is clean.
Could it just be the door gasket?
And do I need to remove the door to replace the gasket?
Thank you

Mt Bob

Minister of Fire
Oct 31, 2013
park county montana
2 blink on the newer boards means an air flow problem. There supposedly was no 2 blink on older boards,BUT has been reported that older stoves that had the micro switch on the auger would flash a 2 blink, when that switch would screw up.
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