pilot light problems

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  1. R

    Pilot issues

    I have a Hearth and Home HHFPDF32F1. The pilot light will not light. When I press the control knob, it sounds like the gas is sputtering. I’ve checked the valves behind the unit and at the tank, both are fully open. I’ve vacuumed out the unit as well. If I put a lighter to the pilot there is...
  2. N

    help, gas fireplace cycles on and off a few times before burning steadily

    I have a Lennox MPD3530CNE built-in natural gas fireplace in a home into which I recently moved. It was working fine until recently. Recently I opened it up to clean the glass and vacuum up some dust. I put the fake logs and synthetic ember material back in place and closed the glass back up...
  3. T

    Jotul 600 dv Firelight won't light

    First my stove had trouble responding to the wall thermostat but worked fine with switch on stove. Today the switch on the stove would not work. Fiddling around I turned off the pilot and tried to relight. Igniter sparked for awhile when pushed but now no spark. Seems like I now have multiple...
  4. J

    Monessen NB24 Log Set - Pilot will not light

    I have a Monessen NB24 logset and the pilot light will not light after trying to purge the air out of the line for a long time (We have tried doing it probably 10 times and each time for 10 minutes or more). After doing some reading I discovered that the pilot assembly may need to be replaced...
  5. LAndrim

    Pilot Light Won't Stay On

    Hi, Can anyone offer some advice for why my pilot light won't stay on? I have a Heat n Glo Tiara I propane stove...just gave it a thorough cleaning, (compressed air and vacuum) and tried to light it. 1. I depressed the pilot button, heard the familiar "click, click click" 2. Then the pilot...