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  1. J

    Advice using mini pot belly temporarily on deck

    Hi all, this is the situation. I live in Australia, it is only cold enough here approx 3 months of the year to use this pot belly. Its in a partially enclosed deck as seen in pics, for 9 months of the year it stays back against the fence line out of the way ( also rusting to chit),on a mobile...
  2. O

    Refinishing old round oak D-16

    Hello, I'm new here and with questions about my first wood stove. I'm looking for any information I can get about a Beckwith Round Oak D-16 stove. I would really like to know the year of the stove and if there is any place I can get a new cast iron liner for it. The current liner is really...
  3. B

    Cast Iron Coal Burning stove made in West Germany, Identification and value

    Can anybody help me identify this wood stove? As you can see it was made in West Germany, and is 63 lbs, 31” Tall x 18” Wide. Looking for approximate date, value, and if it’s worth restoring or leaving as it is.
  4. ChainsawDave

    Old Potbelly in a Small Space Help

    Hey everybody, I'm new to wood stoves and this is my first post. I wanted to run some things by the folks here to see if this project of mine was a going to work out. I've been researching like crazy, which I always do on my homestead projects, but wanted advice because there's more danger...