propane tanks

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  1. J

    500 to 1000 gallon Propane Tank

    I am looking for a salvaged (aka cheap) 500 to 1000 gallon propane tank. Most salvage places that I have been to do not accept propane tanks...Does anyone know where I can go? I live near Bloomington.
  2. Eric Johnson

    Simple questions on tanks`

    I'm planning a couple of years ahead when I relocate into a place where I'm going to put in hot water storage. A guy near there sells all kinds of used propane tanks. The ones I'm interested are 330 gallon tanks. They're 30 inches in diameter, which unlike a 500 gallon tank, will fit through the...
  3. D

    Thermal Storage Tank Fitting Seal?

    I have 2x 500 gallon propane tanks, filled with water. There are multiple pipe threaded fittings, but none of them leak. I would like to permanently (and very reliably) seal the fittings that are made for the float/gauge mechanism. I thought of tapping the hole, but it would be at least 1.25...