quadra-fire mt. vernon

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    Quadra-Fire MT VERNON INSERT-AE Main Control Board Removal

    In replacing a thermal link I broke off one of the pins on the circuit board. Tried searching for video on how to remove the board so I can try soldering a new pin. Can't find one, does anyone know of one or detailed directions on removing the unit ? As stated in the title it's a QF Mt Vernon AE...
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    My Vernon AE Control Board

    I have a Mt Vernon AE manufactured in 2007 that may need a new control board. Local shop wants $779. I found one on eBay for $350, but the part number is SRV7000-456, not the SRV7000-330 in the manual. Anyone know if this is a viable replacement part? History is I replaced blown igniter last...
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    Help with Mt Vernon AE Insert

    I bought a Mt Vernon AE 2014 model. It isnt putting out a lot of heat unless it is set on "sunflower mode". I have tried just about every setting, some with better results but just about all with mediocre. Currently on Manual High, +5 flame height, Normal Elevation, softwood. I have been burning...
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    Realistic useful life of a new pellet stove?

    My wife and I bought a house in Maine with a 2006 Englander PDV-25. We've coaxed it along ok, but it's pretty clearly on its last legs, and we've decided to upgrade. We're down to two options, one of which is (relatively) cheap and (very) ugly, the other of which is attractive and expensive...