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  1. C

    Breckwell P2000i sealant on exhaust

    I am doing a rebuild after nearly 25 years of mostly trouble free use. My question is during installation and re installation, the installer used some kind of sealant somewhere on the chimney exhaust. And during a reinstall later, they beefed about it also, and beefed during a sealant redo...
  2. N

    Green Mountain 40 Bypass Door Gasket Rope

    Hello! Looking for recommendations on the best way to reattach this gasket rope to the inside of the bypass door. Not sure if it was originally placed with a sealant or just sat there. Thanks in advance!
  3. projectanavita

    Quadra fire isle royale issues

    We picked up a used IR and it seems to have some issues. We are seeking advice on how best to move forward. 2009, looks like it was likely over-fired. Top plate on the baffle bypass is warped. I measure 3/8" clearance between the top plate and the tubes on either side and 1/4"in the center...