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  1. R

    Is this Red Oak?

    Hi all! I’m new to the forum. I have recently bought myself a Santa Maria style bbq and plan to use Red Oak which is tradition in the area (plus it makes thick cuts taste phenomenal). I had this 1/4 cord of wood delivered to my house today and simply wanted to verify that it is in fact Red Oak...
  2. cbscout

    Buying ash just after cut and split?

    Hi, this is the first season for burning and I am getting ready the best I can. :-) I am buying a full cord of ash firewood (split) from a guy, and I tested the moisture content to be acceptable on a fresh split. That's all good. But I want another couple cord more, so he showed me a few ash...
  3. E

    Need wood to burn... would you buy this?

    Hey Guys, I'm rather new to wood burning and am having my Insert and SS liner installed tomorrow. I have about a cord of mostly oak that I bought from a local back in Dec. but it's definitely a mixed bag as far as how seasoned it is and most pieces read 20-30% after splitting and reading with...
  4. S

    Uncovered, wet, stacked wood.

    My neighbor moved out, had a cord of wood next to his house, uncovered for at least 1.5 yrs (probably more), he let me have it so I unstacked it and moved it to my rack and stacked and covered it. It had rained steadily for two days before I moved it so all the top pieces were pretty wet. My...