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  1. sandpipe

    Ash comparison of Stove Chow, Green Supreme, TSC white/blue bag

    From HD: Green Supreme (mfg by Lignetics off of barcode): 71g per bag Stove Chow: 105g per bag From TSC: White bag with blue print: 94g per bag I would have had HD deliver the Green Supremes but now they only have the high ash Stove Chows so I am leaning towards getting the TSC pellets...
  2. O

    All About Energex: Fireside Ultra(FSU), Nature's Own, Stove Chow Thread

    Folks, for the past few days, I have read on this forum all I could find about the Energex products, plus I talked to my contact in Energex. Here is a summary: Energex, aka Premier Pellet Corporation, as described on their website manufactures two kinds of wood pellets. 1. The Pennsylvania...