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  1. R

    permabase--seen both OK and not on the site

    HI I am building an alcove which will have 1" air gap convection wall covered with tile for a Lopi Patriot stove. The contractor picked up Permabase from the local lumberyard. I read here both that perm abase is OK and not Ok because of the polystyrene. Should I stop the project and have only...
  2. BillGriggs

    Micore + Durock Strategies?

    I'm doing a hearth in front of a manufactured fireplace. I'm following manufacturer's ancient instructions (although it sounds like they are overkill). Planning on putting down 1/2" of micore 300, and then 1/4" of durock with 1 5/8" Durock screws to hold the whole thing down to the subfloor...
  3. CookieM0nster

    Newbie wood stove install...Qs re: hearth underlayment & insulation

    Hello! Like others have said in their first post, I’ve been a lurker here for a while here and have learned a lot from various threads, which I really appreciate. There is also some confusing information out there online and I would like to get your opinions (hopefully blessings?) on what I’m...