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  1. A

    Possible thermostat malfunction new Ashford 25

    Just bought an ashford 25 insert, installed by pros this week. I think the thermostat or the thermometer might be malfunctioning, but I’m a newbie so please tell me if I’m being dense. First off, there’s no clear “inactive/active” reading on the thermometer, just grey to red. In the manual, the...
  2. C

    Stove burning too hot and fast

    mid last winter I got an Englands Stove to replace an undersized one I had in my house. This one is much better sized. It’s rated for 2400 sq ft, has about 6’ of single wall pipe, probably 24’ of triple wall on top of that in a straight shot up and out with a cap. About 12” above the stove I...
  3. fdjm

    Dealing with overfire

    I've read the handful of threads about this, and the consensus seems to be "open the door" when the fire gets too hot too quickly. But here I am asking about it anyways, as my experience with that was not too pleasant! Context: I've only had our stove for two weeks, and am still getting used...
  4. S

    Confusion around stove temp and and blower control.

    Hello, and thanks for reading and your time to respond if you choose to. I have an Englands Wood Stove (Model 13-NC) with a glass front. I am concerned because often after putting a large log in the stove, my thermostat often shoots up into the > 600-degree range, which I have been advised is...
  5. CodyR4

    Missing pieces and leaving this wood stove burning at work.

    hi I’m 23 I just recently got my first house, my heating unit just cannot keep up when it gets below 30, yeah you heard me right 30. My father has used wood stoves as long as I can remember, actual stoves you cook and bake stuff with and regular ones with chimneys, he’s got like 10 of them it’s...
  6. W

    P43 room temp issues

    I have a harman p43 stove. When I attempt to run the stove in room temp mode the stove will not regulate the temperature. If I set it for 70 degrees I will wake up in the middle of the night to find it 80 degrees. On initial startup if I turn the temp setting down the status light goes out but...