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    Quadra fire Edge 60

    Hi guys, Hope you are all well. I am looking for some advise for my pellets stove (Quadra fire edge 60). It has been cleaned, new vacuum switch installed and all is great. It starts every time, lights a great fire and gives a nice warm living room. However, after around 20 min of fire it...
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    QF Castile: No Vacuum - Going Crazy Trying to Figure It Out

    Hi there, my name is Pete. I am a brand new member (although I have been lurking for quite some time). I have been trying to analyze my vacuum problem (namely, I am registering no vacuum at the nipple adjacent to the auger chamber). Background: I purchased my QF Castile insert second hand...
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    Harman Vacuum Issue

    Hello All, I have a Harman P61-2 pellet stove and I am having a vacuum issue. The auger wouldn't start until I bypassed the vacuum switch. This has led me to be sure it is a vacuum issue that won't allow my stove to feed. I have cleaned the stove recently, and even did another clean when this...
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    What vacuum do you recommend?

    Getting Quadra-fire Vermont AE installed in the next month or so (looking forward to winter!). What vacuum do you recommend I get . Was considering the Cougar Ash but some of the reviews on Amazon aren't so good. What is a good quiet vacuum to clean a pellet stove? Many thanks.