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    Aspen C3 in a Canvas Tent?

    We are trying to pick a wood burning stove for use in our canvas wall tent in SW Wisconsin. The tent is 14' x16' and 7.5' tall at the center (5' at the side walls) and has a cedar deck floor (we will put tile under the stove). We really want something affordable (under $2,000) that can hold a...
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    Vermont Castings Aspen C3 Misses the Mark

    Installed my brand new VC Aspen C3 last month and I’m not impressed. Let me start by saying the advertised burn time of 10 hours is false advertising. Packing the firebox full at night will get you 4–6 hours. I would love to know where they came up with 10 hours. Getting a fire started is...
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    Englander V-17 or VC Aspen for small cabin?

    Hi everyone, I'm asking for advice before we start building a small cabin in mountains of northeast New Mexico. Cabin will be about 400 sq' total; basically one open room (16' x 24', with stove about midway along the eastern 16' wall). Looking at the Englander V-17 or the Vermont Castings Aspen...