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  1. orri

    3TDIC-2AP Top Baffle Warped?

    My top baffle fell down and after staring at diagrams for a long time, it seems like it was installed incorrectly when we bought the house and has also been severely warped. Based on the picture here, it looks like it should be straight...
  2. tayreed

    Air Wash Warp Affect Stove Performance?

    A couple years ago, we purchased a 2021 Lopi Answer (1.5 sq foot firebox) to heat our 1,200 sq foot 100 year-old farmhouse in Northern Michigan. I'll say right away that it's undersized for our home. After we purchased it and had it installed, we had a lot of problems with down drafting. At...
  3. projectanavita

    Quadra fire isle royale issues

    We picked up a used IR and it seems to have some issues. We are seeking advice on how best to move forward. 2009, looks like it was likely over-fired. Top plate on the baffle bypass is warped. I measure 3/8" clearance between the top plate and the tubes on either side and 1/4"in the center...
  4. erice

    Best Way to 'Reconstruct' Cast Iron Stove

    I have a 21 year old Dutchwest Convection Mod 2460 that has served me well, but is beyond it's 'silver years'. Unfortunately, a year ago I bought about $400 of replacement parts for it and would like to squeeze another year or two out of it. And get it functional asap since it's going to get...