wifi thermostat

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    Honeywell WiFi thermostat won’t turn on Lopi pellet stove

    We connected the Honeywell WiFi thermostat with a VIIVRIA 24 V transformer, C wire adapter, to our Lopi AGP pellet stove. The thermostat will work to keep the stove on until it reaches the set temp, and will put the stove in cool down and off, but the stove won’t turn back on when temps drop...
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    Englander smartstove with Nest thermostat

    Has anyone been able to connect a nest thermostat to their Englander Smartstove board? I would like to start my stove before I get to the cabin so we essentially walk into a warm cabin. I called Englander but of course they said it’s not possible to do. I see where you can take the jumper...