woodstock absolute steel

  1. J

    Still Researching... but I am thinking of Woodstock Absolute Steel

    Hey Guys, Thank you very much for your responses and time. My wire and I have finally saved enough to get a stove. I have a fireplace that is not usable and my place is about 1600 square feet. I thought I could install a wood stove (have about 25% sticking into the fire place and 75%...
  2. KennyK

    Help me upgrade and upsize my wood stove!

    Hi all, A month ago I had my chimney lined and installed a little Jotul F100. I knew it was way undersized for my home, but due to mantle clearance issues, this was what worked, and I figured the main thing was getting the liner done well and then I could reassess the stove situation (plus I...
  3. W

    Need Help! I am stuck in smokes!

    Hi, I am new to wood stoves, so I am reaching out to the experts for help. I recently purchased Woodstock Soapstone Absolute Steel stove. Unfortunately the stove / setup is not working well and I do not know what the issue is... The issue: When I try to burn paper in the stove, it burns well...