woodstove insert

  1. morganp107

    Best solution for a open sided fireplace

    Hi Folks, I recently purchased a new home with a fireplace. I'd like to install either a freestanding woodstove in it, or an insert, but I am not quite sure which solution is best. I'd be using this as supplemental heat for our main living area. The fireplace itself is a bit unique, with one...
  2. Wood recycler

    Repurposing the existing smoke chamber

    Let e start off by saying my primary heat is the woodstove. I have aforced air unit but choose to heat with wood. I have installed a woodstove insert into an existing fireplace. The chimney is an exterior masonry chimney. I installed a stainless steel liner from the wood stove to the top of...
  3. Wood recycler

    Excessive heat behind insert

    Hello, I am hoping some others here might share what they have done. I've been burning 5 yrs. Burning is my primary source of heat for the winter months of Michigan. I have had a work in progress for several years now. Below is what I did over a period of time. I have fireplace exterior...