2004 QuadraFire Castile Insert Air Wash

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New Member
Jan 20, 2023
Hi Folks,

Sorry, I think I posted this in the wood stove forum first. First time posting on the forum, but I have searched successfully for answers many times, so thank you everyone. My inlaws have a 2004 Castile Insert that they purchased used. This model year should have a top air wash based on what I have read. The door has the gasket on the two sides and the top. I am wondering if the door has been replaced, or if someone just put the gasket in the wrong place. Is there a way to tell if the door should be a top or bottom air wash (are the doors different)? It is the door style that has two metal tabs holding the glass in place, and has a lip at the bottom to support the glass. The glass gets very dirty quickly, however, the flame is low and aggressive in the pot, so it appears to be burning efficiently. They burn only Vermont softwood pellets (this is all that I burn in my Hearthstone and have had great luck).

Thank You!
See page 46 Door assy in this manual
Gasket on 2 sides and top
That’s not the door assembly that they have. I haven’t been able to find a manual that has the door with two metal tabs holding the glass in place. You have to bend the tabs to out to remove the glass. I think it is the old door assembly so it should have no gasket at the top, but when they got it, there was no gasket at the bottom. I’m wondering if someone installed the gasket incorrectly thinking the air wash was at the bottom.