2008 Quadrafire Mt vernon AE Starts and stops?

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Rob Mosher

New Member
May 22, 2021
Nova Scotia Canada
Thank you for the forum.... I have 2008 Quad Mt Vernon AE... it has never gave me problems until last week, the auto clean didn't completely close and the fire started, of coarse pellets dropped into the ash pan as well and fire started down there, so in a panic I turned the temp down on the screen and then unplugged the power, realizing it may get too hot I plugged the power back in..... since that I cleaned the auto clean for clinkers so the fire pot closes, but now it dumps first starter fuel and ignites, but doesn't feed anymore... just goes out.... I replaced the Thermocouple and the snap disc on the drop tube is not tripped it is ok, any suggestions on what to look for?

Thank Rob


Minister of Fire
May 17, 2010
Eastern Long Island, NY
I don't know anything about the stove, but the first thing that comes to mind is auger jam? maybe? or a safety sensor got tripped.

not sure if this is the correct manual for the stove, but there is a trouble shooting guide on page 31.

good luck.