2nd Thermostat Report

ehkewley Posted By ehkewley, Apr 7, 2013 at 9:44 PM

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    I'm not sure how many posts there are on this topic, but I'd like to share my results of installing a 2nd thermostat in line with the temperature probe on my Harman P43.

    I have tried placing the probe in various locations, but would always end up with a temperature swing when using the stove on room temp with the probe. Some days would be fine, and others it would be too hot or too cold. I had a non functioning thermostat sitting on a bookshelf in the same room, and it would visibly show the temp swings.

    After installing the thermostat in line with the probe, the temperature on the floor with the stove stays within two degrees of the set temperature. The house feels more consistent, and now we only have heat rise issues if the outdoor temps are too warm for the pellet stove on its lowest settings.

    I followed the directions listed somewhere (manual?) and the stove will automatically go into low burn when the thermostat is off. Once it calls for heat, the stove kicks up until the thermostat shuts it off. I set the stove thermostat to a couple of degrees above the desired temperature. I'm much happier with the stove now, and recommend it for anyone who wishes to keep a consistent room temperature.
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