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spsjs Posted By spsjs, Aug 21, 2008 at 3:36 AM

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  1. spsjs

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    Mar 19, 2008
    ok, so can someone tell me, on a 2006 25pdv, what should all the settings be if I’m using an external thermostat.

    The stove is in my basement and I ran the thermostat to my first floor.

    What should the settings be for the bottom 3 buttons and the heat range to gain the maximum heat using a thermostat
    Also, the plate inside the hopper, should that be open all the way or closed as far as it will go?

    right now they are set to 3,4,1 with heat range on 8 and blower 9 and the plate is closed as far as it will go
  2. stoveguy2esw

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    Nov 14, 2006
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    ok, here's the poop on the buttons;

    low fuel feed: this controls the feed speed of the unit when operated on heat range 1 and 2 it does not affect the unit on h/r 3 and higher. we use that to "dial in" the low burn. on a t-stat it only affects the stove when it is idling so it should be set so that the unit burns a smaller "pilot" flame but not so low that it could go out from too little fuel. 3 is usually a good setting for average sized to slightly shorter length pellets.

    low burn air: this setting controls the exhaust blower again only on settings 1 and 2 of the heat range, 3 and above are burned into the chip and are not affected by the setting. 4 is the stock setting for that model , i'd leave it there unless you have an unusual flue setup and are sooting quickly on low feed rates.

    air on temp: this setting determines the temp scale for the temperature related functions such as room fan on and off, and "proof of fire" and it should never be raised up from the 1 setting.

    "restrictor plate" in hopper: in most cases it should be left open , if you are running smaller than normal length pellets and are overfeeding , closing the plate should help (this will be a "try , then readjust" thing as there is no "set" amount to adjust you just play it by feel and results in fuel consumption)

    if you have any burn related issues or wish to discuss the setup and your results in more detail PM me or e mail at my home addy listed below , i'd be happy to discuss with you.
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