38 deg & raining in Ct and

eernest4 Posted By eernest4, Mar 5, 2008 at 4:45 AM

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    Oct 22, 2007
    38 * & raining in Ct. & I didn't feel up to looking 4 wood,laying a fire & babysitting the woodstove so I pushed the "on" button on the Pel Pro 45,000 btu pelletstove, instead.

    She is doing a fine job of heating 2000 sq ft in this mild temp & leave me with a well deserved evening of rest.

    To be honest,the pellet stove can't handle all the house when outside temps fall below 34 * , but it is great spot heat
    & shines in fall & spring , the sholder seasons, when heating needs may not require the wood stove.

    I don't really run the pellet stove all that much because free wood is so much cheaper than
    pellets, but she still eats a ton of pellets a yr. & I do truely appreciate the convience of push for on & then just walk away.
    (the older i get,the more I appreciate the pellet stove.)

    i just wish i could have bought a larger btu pellet stove, but at the time, it was $2,600.oo
    for a 60,000 btu job & I only had $1800.oo for the whole project,including install.

    I ended up, back in 06, with a 06 stove for 1600 & spend 200.oo on DIY install & 6 bags of pellets.

    I didn't think that the extra 15,000 btu was worth 800.oo more & i still think that.
    Nice to have , but not a good deal.

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    Feb 12, 2008
    Yea the temperature in Ct was crazy today. I saw at the bank down the street today it hit 57. They are saying its going to drop into the upper 20's tonights though. Go figure
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