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JDIED4U Posted By JDIED4U, Mar 13, 2011 at 8:19 PM

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    Mar 13, 2011
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    I have a fireplace insert in an older country home my wife and I bought. The stove is a double door, arched doors, and in every detail the same construction as a Fisher stove. The handles are the same, the draft openings, and the "X" reenforcement design on the inside of each door. Across the front of the doors is the name, 3 Bear Stove Company, with a picture of three little bear faces. I am trying to permit this stove in Clark County, Washington, and they have asked for a serial number or manual or something to identify the stove. What do you guys know about this stove. The box is brick lined and 32 inches deep. It heats a big house. It is, however, an old style stove without any of the baffles in the newer stoves. I have it plumbed with a stainless & titanium pipe up through the old chimney. "God bless. Thanks for the help. I would surely buy a manual or whatever is out there.
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    This MUST be one of hundreds of brands which were made by local welding shops and other firms.

    I think it is illegal (against codes) to install such a stove in your state. It not only does not meet any clean burning standards, but also probably does not have UL (testing lab) approval.
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