6TRSI - AUD gas fire, intermittent pilot fault (works when glass is open)

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New Member
Apr 18, 2024
Australia, QLD
Hi I have a heat & glo 6TRSI - AUD gas fire. The pilot would not light so I replaced the the pilot assembly and it worked for a few hours. The pilot would then only light after several resets. I then decided to change the module which made no difference. I carried out several tests and then made a rear discovery. When I opened the glass and let in a small amount of air, the pilot would light immediately. It would then keep working and re-lighting for a few hours and then revert to not lighting again.

On doing a operating pressure check I have noticed that the operating gas pressure ( manifold pressure) is at 1.05kpa, however it is supposed to be operating at 0.80kpa. I now believe the gas valve is at fault and letting to much gas out the pilot assembly causing it not to light due to too much gas and not enough air. Is there away to adjust the gas valve regulator? or is it a new gas valve

Also the gas fire runs perfectly when it is lit