A little heads up when getting the smoke smell on startup....

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Minister of Fire
Feb 7, 2010
S.E. Michigan
Something I discovered when rebuilding the stove I bought on Facebook Marketplace... I suspect this applies to all stoves as they all use similar means to exhaust burnt gases...

I found the securing screws that attach the exhaust blower housing to the firebox were all loose. The exhaust blower housing is gasketed to the firebox and retained by multiple screws, however, all the screws were loose so I tightened them all. Not really easy to get to but with the unit all torn apart it wasn't too bad. I got at least 3/4 to 1 turn out of each of the 5 screws.

Something to check if you are getting a smoke smell on startup. With the combustion blower cold and the venting cold, there is no natural draft at all and usually on startup the combustion blower is ramping up to the set point on fuel feed so it's not spinning fast and sucking the exhaust out efficiently.

Something that needs checked that I discovered.

Might want to check them for tightness.
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