A Little Help From A Vigilant Owner re: Cleaning Please?

littlalex Posted By littlalex, Sep 1, 2011 at 4:43 PM

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    Howdy 'Yall (Joisey slang) - I'm in the middle of prepping my Vigilant for burning this year (first year I'm doing it.) Everything going well - Damper problem I worried was a cracked fireback was just junk and crap on the points where the damper and FB meet. Little wire brushing took care of it.

    Problem I'm having is I'm trying to make sure all the air holes are cleaned out and good to flow. Working on the secondary air tube on the left interior side of the stove I can only find one small circular air hole. Diagram I'm working with (VC official docs) shows what look like two large rectangular air holes along the tube.

    Am I missing something or is it more a matter of changes in rev. versions of the stove?


    P.S. - Just from the angle of black soot I'm getting a greater appreciation of the work and pay sweeps make. I look like D Van D in the nasty syrupy Disney film, only thicker and not at all cute...NO pics attached.

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