Add-on Wood burning furnace

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Feb 18, 2018
Hello, this is my first post on this site, although a read many posts already. I am in the market for an add-on wood burning stove as a secondary heat source. My goal is to use as a stand alone system using existing duct system.

I currently have a heat pump with LP furnace as an auxiliary. Our house is 2400 sq., mainly on the first floor. Second floor is smaller. I am wondering what will be an ideal wood burning furnace for my house. I read a lot about Tundra, posted a couple years back. Is it still a good buy? I have no HVAC experience. My budget is around $2k. Appreciate any input.
Depends on what "ideal" means to you. $2,000 will limit your options, for sure. It's pretty much a Tundra if you want a clean burner or a wood eating smoke dragon.
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Hows your insulation? 2400 sq ft might be a heat load that's at the upper end of a Tundras range...unless you are just looking for the furnace to carry the base load and then your "primary" heat pick up the slack now and then. If you want to go 100% wood heat then might wanna step up to the HeatPro.
Tundra will run about $2k if you catch it on sale at you have a proper chimney already? That can be spendy if you need to do that too. And then there's getting the ductwork properly setup...
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Don't forget to budget for the chimney and ductwork like b said above. You'll easily spend $2k on that and if you are trying to run both furnaces in the same duct system you'll need another $600 in dampers and electronics.

Really everything you are asking is in the Tundra thread, but it's 100+ pages.
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New model this year...they took their workhorse NC30 wood stove and put an air jacket around it to make it into a furnace...pretty new model still...I know a few people have bought 'em...haven't heard a ton of feedback on 'em yet...