adding glass to door of harman furnace?

dookits13 Posted By dookits13, Jan 17, 2013 at 10:44 PM

  1. dookits13

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    Dec 6, 2007
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    hi all , i have a harman wood/coal furnace and have been trying to get this thing dialed in!! tired of getting up every morning to start a new fire .... so tired.... so i've been doing a lot of reading on this site and others for solutions . added a baro. damper, still tweaking that but it has made a difference . and am always adjusting the draft controls to get the most out of it!!! also read some where about adding firebricks on top of grates ... now in morning i actually have a bed of coals to work with..... anyways to my main reason for the post .... to be able to see the fire is the best way to determine how the stove is operating, i do have a temp. gauge on it to monitor what is going on but seeing is believing!! my warranty has expired ... so is it possible or a good idea to some how cut a window in the loading door??? get some high temp stove glass , gasket, fab some clamps and watch it burn !! i know this is getting long but really looking for some knowledge on how to get the most out of this unit..... anyone have any experience running this furnace ... secondary burn dials? any info or ideas .... greatly appreciated thanks in advance !
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    welcome to the wonderful world of Harman! did you call them so they could tell you that, " we build them, we don't tune them or install them" ? if harman would make a sightglass that screwed in place of the draft dials on the loading door, it would be a million seller!

    feeling your pain with my sf-160 woodsucker.

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