ah wanna white wash oak bench.newly made asking y'all advise

jeanw Posted By jeanw, Nov 7, 2018 at 10:49 AM

  1. jeanw

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    calling amateur woodworkers here please
    I had a local cabinet maker make me a real nice oak bench.. looks to be Red Oak.( cause in meantime its a mess by the door with my shoes and now Mucks..). I should have paid the difference and got him to use "maple" instead) to put my boots and shoes on the shelf of...
    the other bedroom furniture is maple I had made yrs ago. I "painted" it white its solid maple... I put the latex paint on and wiped it off some... then topcoated. day later with "polyacryclic." Luv the look . but maple is a hard closed grained wood. I got some "Minwax. " wood conditioner" will it seal the grain of red oak? I read old woodworker books about a grain filler.....
    But the nice cabinet maker didn't remember to give me any scraps leftovers to try out the various stains etc. I know OAK is an open grained wood.. I already put MIniwax "natural" on the bottoms ..Hate the solvent
    WISH I COULD UPLOAD A PICTURE for talk to see.dont pics have to be stored offsite the a link to for this site???
    Bench is sitting in basement waiting for me....I know I could just spray or brush on the poly acrylic.
    tried the stain and polyacyclic in Miniwax "Golden Pecan" on the counter combination stepstool/stool he made me also.. Don't like the look of it so its not finished either.. thanks y'all please be patient with me.
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    You can upload pics. Follow these instructions
    To upload a picture from your computer click on "Upload a File" button to the right just below the post bit. This brings up a pop up where you can click "Choose File" and browse your own computer for the picture you want. Note that you can upload more than one at a time by using shift-click or control-click....different methods depending on your computer and browser.

    Once uploaded you can choose whether the Thumbnail size or Full Image in the post. In the case of larger pictures, it is best to use the thumbnail option.
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    Are you trying to make the oak smooth like the maple?

    I'm having a bit of trouble following all the directions and products you want to use.
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