Airflow adjustment needed?

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Nov 23, 2021
St. Louis MO
Hello everyone, sorry if this has already been answered, if it has I did not find it.

We had our chimney chase lid replaced this past summer, along with the flu cap. I then had issues with the fireplace going out after a few minutes. I cleaned the flame sensor and pilot and it stays lit now (pilot flame was yellow, now it's a nice solid blue). But I noticed something about the burners. If you watch the "Fireplace Hot" video you see nice stable blue flames on each hole in the lower burner. But when it's first lit, many of those holes have no visible flame, or they are lifted off the surface. It takes 20 minutes or so for it to settle down. I don't know if this was the case before the cap was replaced - I never paid close enough attention.

Do I need to adjust the flu more open or closed? It's roughly on the middle adjustment right now.

My fireplace is a Travis 864 TRV GreenSmart.

Thanks for taking a look.


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Dec 2, 2008
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You may need to tweak the restrictor.
Which direction is hard to guess, but I'd move
it to halfway open & see if the flames act better.
If they don't, move it to halfway closed & check it.
Let us know which way worked best.
Normally, it DOES take 20 about minutes for the
flames to turn nice & yellowish...