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MCPO Posted By MCPO, May 2, 2008 at 4:30 PM

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    Please bear with me as I`m a newbie here and would definitely appreciate your input and suggestions.
    The stove set and running at the #1-1.5 feed rate causes the distribution fan to cycle on/off for 5-10 minute or longer periods . (I understand this to be normal.) When turned up to #2 the distr. fan will run continuously due to the slight increase of fuel/ heat. That said , the stove appears to burn just as clean at the lower #1-1.5 settings and as such seems to be plenty hot enough for the the dist. fan to be running continually but it cycles on/off instead. I`d like to see the distr. fan running slowly at these low settings.
    My question : Is it ok to run the stove at the low feed rate of 1-1.5 for extended periods of time with the fan cycling on/off as it does and what if any problem would I incur if I was to remove the distr. fan from being controlled by the ESP board and wire it to a separate motor speed control . That way I could run the fan continuously at a slow speed with the feed rate at # 1 or 1.5.
    I understand the distr. fan to be independant of the combustion process but my limited technical pellet stove knowledge and experience could prevent me from seeing any safety issues or the negatives in doing this so I`m looking for you to punch holes in my idea .
    Or should I just go ahead and experiment to find out if the heat exchanger cools down too much with the fan running constantly at low heat output to make this idea work as I hope it would?
    John in western Ma.

    OK, after some experimenting Ive come to the conclusion that Harman has it figured right. There is just too little heat output in a P38 set at under #2 to benefit from constant fan distribution . Add to this the possibility that the placement of the dial decal might not be exact . In the past few days I have developed a good feel for this stove and I don`t see any problem the way it is.
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