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    Re: Anthracite Burning Hi there, I have a Stanley burner and I am starting to use anthracite. I find it has greater heat output than standard coal but after a while compacts and gives less heat than it initially did burning slower, is there a way I can keep it burning more vigorously? I have increased the flue. Should I mix it with other fuels e.g. cold etc.


    You should not mix it with other fuels. The ash is probably building up and slowing down the burn. The most important thing to do is to properly de-ash. In many stoves this requires running a poker over the grates (if there is access to this area) and then shaking the grates. DO NOT POKE THE FIRE FROM ABOVE.

    If you have a weak draft, the ash buildup will quickly slow down the air flow through the coal and therefore the heat output.
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