Anyone ever use these pellets? From Maine

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Jan 10, 2017
Naples Maine
These are about $300/ton in Maine. Used the green supreme last year and looking for some with less ash.

ne pellets1.JPG ne pellets12.JPG
Those are Maine Woods Pellets (MWPs). They are a nice middle-of-the-road pellet. Good heat and not too bad on ash. for the price, they are a great value.

I burn a lot of those as my local TSC sells them rebagged into the TSC bags (you can tell by the UPC code).

However, if your goal is less ash than GS, then you may not care for them. They are pretty similar in ash production (although I believe MWPs are just slightly less). You will probably need to go with a higher $$ pellet to get a lot less ash as you will probably need more softwood in the mix (or pure softie). That being said, each stove/setup can be different in the way they burn so they might do well for you. Pick up 5-10 bags and see what you think before committing.
I agree - very average pellet. Not great, not terrible. I tried a bunch of different pellets last year to test them, these included. Ash was definitely higher than something like a premium 100% pine pellet, but not as bad as the big box store specials.
I burn about 5-6 tons of these every year in my boiler. Never had any problems with them. I just picked up three tons of them last week for $349.50/ton I'm using them in a boiler not a stove so I'm not sure if it would be better to burn some more expensive stuff from a value perspective but like I said, never had any real issues with these.