Anyone have a Comfortbilt HP22?

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Dec 9, 2008
Central/Eastern Mass
I'm disappointed in my current stove (Pelpro 120 - it's a model from 2008). It's never delivered the promised amount of heat even since the beginning and during my recent weeks of trying to diagnose every detail of it, I found the exhaust vents next to the heating exchange tubes so that heat doesn't really get used and instead goes up the chimney. I'm looking to get a new stove with a better design and I'm eyeing the HP22N. However there aren't any stores with a floor model I can stick my head into in my area.

I'm hoping I can get an owner on this forum to take some pictures of the top of the firebox from the inside so I can see how they designed the heat exchanger and exhaust flow. It's rather surprising, but it is the one area of the stove that is hidden away on nearly all models of pellet stoves. It's never shown in part diagrams, because there aren't any serviceable parts in that area. Most times I have to rely on self-help videos that show someone deep cleaning the stove and showing the heat exchanger in the process.