Anyone have opinions on the Harman Country Stove?

jbrogley Posted By jbrogley, Jan 31, 2008 at 6:42 PM

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    The dealer that sold us our Kozy Olivia stove took it back this morning. Actually, they're sending ALL their Olivia's back (or so they say) to Kozy. They're giving us a Harman Country Stove instead - this particular model is BEFORE Lennox bought the company.

    Any thoughts on the machine?

    Any differences in stoves pre and post Lennox purchase?

    They came an did the install today but I couldn't stay for the whole ordeal. When I left they were having to have a pipe specially made to fit from the stove to the existing pipe work. And when we did start the machine, we probably had to press the start button 5 times to get the auger to cycle enough for the pellets to drop. The installers ended up turning it off because pellets were able to get weged just outside the chute.

    It seems to always be something. I have the worst luck buying big ticket items.

    Any thoughts on Harman's country stove?
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