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  1. camdids

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    Sep 14, 2006
    Very North and Very East Mass.
    I recently posted a couple of times on threads suggesting poeple were talking drivvle about what is happening to Harman and its customers.
    I had viewed many posts that seemed to conflict wildly. Someone accused the Webmaster, Craig, of not being straight. I feel I had unjustly slammed those of you who have had a bad experience in the current situation, " NO MEAT" and suggested you were a minority.
    I have an order for a Harman Accentra Insert Placed in early June, and Promised at the moment IN early October. I had read many posts, some conflicting in Imformation.
    I am pretty scared that I will be one of those who do not get there stoves.Because of this I have reacted very unfairly to those of you in the same boat. For this I apologise without reservation. As to craig, the Webmaster, who I kind of felt the same way about, I have taken the time to read through many posts of yours and DO indeed find your comments very fair and as Bill Orielly on Fox would say " Looking out for You".
    I have gained much usefull info from this forum and will remain on it for a long time.
    I wish all a happy conclusion to the current crises and hope we all find a better way in the future.
    Thanks and good luck to all.
  2. BadDad320

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    Jul 13, 2008
    NW New Jersey
    We are all in this together. Now I'm gonna go ride my motorcycle.................
  3. webbie

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    Nov 17, 2005
    Western Mass.
    No problemo - except using me and Bill O in the same post!
    He's looking out for ratings and his bank account. I'm looking out for everybody I can!
  4. stoveguy2esw

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    Nov 14, 2006
    madison hgts. va
    in a season such as this one , its understandable that folks are nervous , and speculation could add fuel to the fire, its also understandable that nerves over the bumped back ship dates can be oon edge. bottom line though , is you fight bad information with good information. now im not accusing anyone of intentionally misleading anyone else, a long time ago a very wise man with 3 stripes and a smoky bear hat told me the best way to avoid a misunderstanding is to ensure that you clarify the difference between fact and opinion. i strive to do so to this day. its a good rule of thumb to follow.

    i dont think anyone took any of the posts personally (shouldnt have anyway) i expect that most of the posters would probably set back and share a brew over the conversation were it possible. thats why the hearth community in here works so well together.

    just my 2 cents
  5. no1psycho

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    Jun 11, 2008
    Eastern Maine
    Nicely put by all.

    I've been involved with MANY different forums in the past and in just the short time that I've been here have been thoroughly impressed by the wealth of information and the caliber of people that I've read posts from. We should be all in this together as every single on of us, I'm sure, is feeling the pinch from the cost of everything from groceries to gasoline. I work in the automotive industry, and haven't been feeling much of the pain from the 2 major companies in the US. Recently found out that truck sales for our customer, won't say any names, that hasn't had any of the sales issues plagueing the automotive industry in the past, has now decided to close one of the truck facilities for a few months. Along with this though, they also announced that they will move production of one of their hybrid models to the states. So, sorry to go off on a tangent but, we are all in for rough times ahead. Whether we work at the local gas station pumping gas or work in a high level office position with our buts planted in a chair all day. This is still a great place to get a lot of great information, and also to get a little off of our chest.

    And I definitely second the BREW idea...

    Thanks guys,

  6. brewerpete

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    Jul 21, 2008
    Eastern Mass
    AHHHHH.... glad to see all involved getting back to "harmon"-ey....LOL

    I think we can all learn from history as it does tend to repeat itself.....1973.... long gas lines and panic... then 1999 and $0.99 a gallon gas now 4.xx a gallon oil...

    burn wood and be happy ;-)


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