Auger dropping pellets every 5 seconds

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Oct 29, 2015
Northern California
I have a Whitfield pellet stove and have been noticing the pellets piling up for awhile now, even with the auger turned on the lowest setting. This morning I noticed that the auger light turns on a LOT, like every 5 seconds. Is that normal on the lowest setting?
What model of Whit? They made the first freestanding stove and many more for many years. I would suspect a dirty stove not breathing and not giving the fire pot enough air to burn the fuel or the air damper needing a slight adjustment
It's a WP2 Advantage made in 1990. We clean it regularly, by taking the grates out and vacuuming really good. So it's normal to drop pellets every 5 seconds on low?
It is not the number of times it is on it is the duration of time it is on
But if you are having pellet build up in the fire pot my guess is a dirty stove
when was the last deep cleaning ( exhaust fan removed and cleaned ,exhaust
passages in the stove and pipe cleaned ) How does the flame in the pot look
lively or black tips ? if black tipped stove is starving for air
Check your PM. I included a manual
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