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    We have purchased a Whitfield Advantage III. The auger will quit running whether it has run out of pellets or not. When the auger quits the dealer says to take the red hose off of the diaphragm which would start the auger. It works but does not tell me what the problem is and the dealer cannot answer the problem or tell me how to rectify this problem. What damage am I doing by taking off this hose to make the auger run and how can we eliminate this problem?


    While I'm not an expert on Pellet stoves- I can tell you that this is not right. The diaphragm is a pressure switch which makes certain that there is correct draft up the vent before it lets the auger feed pellets. The problem should be able to be fixed some other way....or there is a problem with the switch- and or venting system.
    http://www.whitfield.com<P>Note: following answer given on HearthNet forum by forum user:
    On the Whitfield pellet stoves, when the pressure switch prevents the auger from working, it is because there is back pressure that trips the switch. †The usual suspect is soot built up in the venting or venting system including the exhaust blower area. † Thoroughly clean the vent piping, but also, vacuumn out the blower motor area by inserting the vacuumn hose into the blower output hole. †You may need some small circumference vacuumn attachments to do so, but be careful not to damage the blower components.

    Link: Whitfield Site
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