Avalon 996 Project

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Feeling the Heat
Dec 5, 2019
New Plymouth, Idaho
Hi, I am still rebuilding stoves but have not posted them in awhile but do check in and read now ant then. This one was a real challenge as you will see from the pictures. The first picture is the stove at the pickup location. The front leg left leg was bent back. He sold it for $20.00 and without my labor I put another $245.00 into this stove with new glass, bricks, gaskets, stainless steel, and ceramic blanket. But even then, if I was to keep it that would still be a great price for this nice of a wood stove.

I took off the outer shell in order to clean and paint all the surfaces. Bent back the leg and hammers the bend out of the metal then reinforced the metal to strengthen both front legs since I had it apart. I installed a new secondary burn system as this had one secondary burn tube at the edge of the baffle where the fire wraps around to the flu. The air was not preheated but came straight into the burn tube from holes on both sides of the stove. I installed square tubing in both back corners inside the stove so the incoming air could be preheated and then added two tubes one in the back and the other in the front. It works great. The baffle on this stove was bricks similar to what some other companies were doing during this time. I changed it to a stainless steel with 1-inch ceramic blanket. The fire turned out great and had some very nice secondary flames. Just sold this wood stove yesterday.

The other thing I discovered was that heat is good for removing rust. The picture of the stove with the fire inside brought more rust to the surface on the front of the stove. You might be able to see it in the picture. Had to clean and repaint this area. I am going to try the weed burner on my next rusted wood stove to see what happens as the expansion and contraction may be a good way to loosen up rust.

I had written to Travis Industries, and they sent me the manual it appears to be a 1991 to 1993 model.

Avalon 996 Project Avalon 996 Project Avalon 996 Project Avalon 996 Project Avalon 996 Project Avalon 996 Project
Nice restore. They don't make them with the solid brass doors anymore.
I did another Brass Flame which had a solid brass door and legs. With solid brass you don’t have to worry about polishing off the brass finish. The owner picked it up yesterday and said he liked the video I posted of the secondary burn system. I posted it on Marketplace. I am surprised how many people don’t know about the newer EPA rated wood stoves.