Back Grate, is it really needed?

MikeDaub Posted By MikeDaub, Feb 22, 2014 at 4:49 PM

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  1. MikeDaub

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    Feb 22, 2014
    Hello all, first post here..

    I just bought a house, and in it is a Consolidated Dutchwest FA224CCL 2181 (no idea what model year), and we have been using it as our only source of heat here in Maine. Really, no complaints about it.. Until.... (there's always an until isn't there??)

    A couple of days ago, I noticed that the back "panel" was warped pretty bad, and a piece eventually broke off in my hand. TO THE GOOGLE MACHINE TO FIND OUT WHY! I found out that the part was called the "back grate" ( or part number #12 ( I ordered one up, and when I asked the salesman what it does, they just said it helps with ashes falling. It didn't make sense to me, but it was just the gal who answers the phone not a tech person, so I just said whatever and took one.

    Today, I went to install it and both bolts holding it (and one of the welded spaces) broke right off. In fact, one side wasn't even attached to the stove.... SO....Can anyone tell me what this thing does and if it is safe to fire up the stove without one? I would assume it is, but figured I would ask.. From looking how it mounts (only the 2 slots on towards the inside of the stove, I am thinking this is what is used when burning coal in the stove.

    Can anyone help out with this one? And a big thanks in advance..
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    I'm not sure but besides containing the coals the back grate looks like it would offer heat protection for the back of the stove. I'm wondering if you could substitute firebricks for that back plate if you can fit 4x9x1 blocks back there securely.
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