Battery backup in case of power loss?

strangemainer Posted By strangemainer, Sep 4, 2008 at 6:23 AM

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  1. imacman

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    Yes, nice deal, as long as you don't live in California.....can't be shipped there.
  2. wil lanfear

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    May 10, 2008
    Sorry, try this link.
  3. RonaldAdams

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    Mar 31, 2008

    You could test your theory by pulling the plug during a burn cycle (to simulate a power outage). I looked at your stove on the web and I would (not an expert here) think that without power there would not be any blowers to create a flame big enough to burn back into the auger. The reason the auger keeps running after a normal burn is due to the blowers still extracting heat. I would test this theory while I am still there just so I know what will happen when I'm not home. As to back-up power, while a generator is better for longer outages, it still needs someone to start it or it will have to be installed as an auto back-up system ( more money). the alternative is to look at a good UPS system with enough power to run your stove for the time you are usually out of the house, say eight to ten hours. A good place to look for this type of systems is on computer surplus web sites. Computers usually have power supplies that are any where from 250 watts all the way up to 800 watts, which why UPS's for computer should be good for pellet stoves ( almost the same power requirments) I have the i mentioned earlier in this thread and I also have another made by ( or for ) Compaq Computer corp. This is the one that is currently on my oil furnace. I hope this helps. :coolsmile:
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