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JMann Posted By JMann, Jan 5, 2011 at 3:18 PM

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    Just read a post about a power outage and lack of backup. I have two deep cycle batteries sitting in my basement that were used for a phone system (The client replace their phone system and I got the batteries). I'd like to use them for a backup for my Taco 11 to keep the water moving. The problem is that I have two batteries and no idea where to go from there. Anyone using this type of setup?
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    First you will have to know the wattage that the Taco pumps draws. The get a power inverter that will handle that wattage. You will want one that has a thermo controlled fan on it as most of the smaller ones have fans that run all the time and that just burns extra power.

    You will have to have a way to switch from line power to the the inverter power. The easiest and cheapest way is to have the pump plug into a wall socket where you can just unplug it and plug it into the inverter.

    You will also need a float charger to keep the battery's charged when you are not using them. Battery's loose charge over time and it won't be any good if they are dead when you need them.

    You will want to tie the battery's together in parallel. And use the correct size wire to run to the inverter. You may want to let it up so you can add more battery's latter because they probably won't last as long as you think. And it would be wise to test it to see how long they last also the more battery's you have the slower they draw power off each one and will actually get more power out of each one.

    Here is a set of battery's and 5000 watt inverter. Thats not enough batter to fully use that inverter as full out it will pull 416 amp 12v to run it at 5000 watts. The Bell and Gosset pump I have pulls 112 watt at 115 volts. Thats 9.3 amps at 12v plus what power the inverter uses.


    Here I have them tied together with copper buss bars. I wrapped them with electrical tape to help keep from shorting them out.


    This is the system I use at the farm. I run the trailer microwave/ TV ect for three days on it before I have to charge it up.


    Its a forklift battery with the same 5000 watt inverter. The panel on the pole is a change controller that is hooked to two small solar panels the keeps the battery charged while we are not there It will also control the windgenerator when we get it up. While I charge it up with a big diesel generator and battery charger. I also have a alternator hooked to a small engine for emergency's. That is if the home made generator breaks down.


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