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katwillny Posted By katwillny, Apr 20, 2012 at 4:55 PM

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    I think there are several ways that raised beds improve the weed situation. First is that when you build new beds you probably start with soil that is relatively free of weeds and weed seeds. Second the soil people import for raised beds is almost always a lot easier to weed and cultivate than the native soil so it makes removing weeds easier. Third it is easier to reach down to pull weeds in a raised bed so you are more likely to do it often. Fourth the fact that you built raised beds means you are excited about gardening and committed to staying on top of things all summer. Fifth the raised edges make it harder for creeping weeds to get into the beds and make it easier to keep the paths free of weeds.

    I have had some raised bed gardens that become very weedy with neglect and some at-grade gardens that I kept reasonably weed-free. It is all about continued effort thru the growing season. These days my garden beds are more or less at grade.
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    It's the creeping weeds that kill our other beds and make them so much work. These plants that I'm calling weeds include buttercup, quack grass and clover.
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    Update - We have already consumed about 10 heads of lettuce and over 50 tomatoes (rather large Beefsteaks) and countless cherry tomatoes. Also Cabbage and peppers and bundles of cilantro, basil and mint. For a little garden, it has produced a lot. The tomatoes are very juicy and sweet. Radish and Beets and potaoes are doing nicely. Next year I will be sure to get a bigger plot.

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