Big fire in my town

OldLumberKid Posted By OldLumberKid, Mar 14, 2013 at 8:49 PM

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    Nov 14, 2012
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    No lives lost, fortunately. Those are apartments above the businesses, lot of folk will be out of their homes, which is where it looks like the fire took hold. Firefighters were unable to go in bcs. the ceiling was in imminent danger of coming down, according to my son who's a friend of one of the firefighters (firehouse was about 700 ft away, amazing it was not caught sooner, but the cold dry NW wind was blowing a gale today so that gave it a lot of help). 7 firestations turned out.

    Underneath are my favorite barbershop, a Japanese restaurant and a cell-phone shop.
    Fire was still going this evening. The building is made of several buildings joined together and extends a block. Rosa's Pizzeria and then a Dunkin Donuts are in the adjoining buildings, and a bunch of other small businesses.

    The fire marshal is investigating reports that workers were using a propane blowtorch on the roof of the building before the fire started.

    Authorities say no one was injured, but roughly 150-200 residents have been displaced.

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