Bixby Maxfire parts

Corn Bum

New Member
Nov 23, 2018
Owosso, Michigan
I have had my stove for about 10 years and have had to replace parts on occasion. The right igniter went out last year and it burnt the igniter board as well, but it continued to start and run fine the rest of the winter. Now when I try to start the stove this fall, I get lights 1,2,3 & 7 on. Checking the snap disk appears that it is bad. When I turn it on it starts with light on one and then during its checks it turns on the lights of 1,2,3 &7. I am thinking the the thermo-couple and not sure about the rest. I am having a hard time finding any parts for this stove. Any suggestions on where to buy parts and what also might be wrong with the stove? Thanks