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firebroad Posted By firebroad, Feb 22, 2013 at 9:53 AM

  1. firebroad

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    Nov 18, 2011
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    I have an 8 ton Welbilt splitter, uses a bottle jack. Don't use it too often in the winter, but I needed some splits split down to kindling last night, and it seemed to wheeze on some of the denser pieces. I wonder if it is because of the cold (it was about 30::C::F), or maybe needed a top off?
    I haven't noticed any oil on the wood or concrete, but I think once or twice there might have been a light residue when wiping it down, so I am not sure about oil loss (I've had it for two years).
    I have never had to replace any oil, but the manual has the following cryptic (to me) words after giving instructions: "Add hydraulic oil until the cylinder is approximately 3/4 full. (Oil weight is approximately 0.7/1.543lbs)" Does that mean the weight of the bottle when the correct amount of oil is added, or the weight of the oil itself? Or does it refer to something else? Sorry for such a dumb-a$$ question, but I am always a little timid when attempting something I have not done before with something that will cost me money if I goof it up. Also, is there a particular oil that would work in both warm and cold weather equally well?
  2. Jack Fate

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    I'd tell you what I do but don't want to be held responsible

    I got some good info off you tube/ search/ bottle jack

    hope this helps
  3. ScotO

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    retract the cylinder the whole way, so it is in the bottle jack completely. Take off the oil fill cap and fill it up til it runs out of the hole with approved hydraulic fluid.......

    Put the plug back in, wipe up the mess, you're off to the races....

    You said it was wheezing....sounds like the valve wasnt shut the whole way. I'm not exactly sure what your manual splitter looks like but I know that if you don't close the valve shut the whole way on a bottle jack it will do what your's is doing......make sure the valve is shutting the whole way after you retract the cylinder....sounds to me like it may be leaking back through that valve when you hit a certain pressure. Or, you may be hitting the 8 ton limit with the wood you are trying to split. What kind of wood was it?

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