breadmaker shaft seal sources?

pybyr Posted By pybyr, Dec 24, 2009 at 1:16 AM

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  1. pybyr

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    I've got a Betty Crocker Bake-It-Easy bread machine that I acquired as "roadkill" (from a free leftover pile after a lawn sale); I'd always wanted to try a bread machine, but never had or could rationalize the $$ for one.

    Got it home and found that the only thing wrong with it was that the seal on the beater paddle shaft was kaput, which had caused the shaft to seize in the bronze bearing.

    Took it apart and freed it up, and it worked great, especially for dough (great for homemade pizza), but whenever I've actually tried to run it in bake mode, it suffers from the same problem of cooking itself into immobility.

    I've tried Googling, e-baying, and etc to no end, and with no success.

    The machine is apparently pretty old (old enough to be Made in Japan, not China), but other than this one issue, shows no sign of having anything wrong with it.

    The seal looks similar to what one might find on a shaft in other machinery-- it's got an outer aluminum shell that presses into a cast housing on the machine, and then has a black rubber layer on top- slightly domed/ cone-shaped, and then some (nylon?) innards.

    Suggestions welcomed!

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    You might try a small appliance repair center (check yellow pages) to see if they have parts.

    The other option might be a bearing house - do you have the old seal, or whatever is left of it? - this will often have part numbers on it that will tell them what size, materials, etc... If you don't have the old part, bring the shaft and housing disassembled, and they can measure the ID and OD involved, as well as the thickness, to see if there is something that will fit... If going this route, be sure to tell them the application, especially that it needs to be "food grade" and heat tolerant... This will boost the price considerably, but may still be worth it...

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