Breckwell 2700 Combustion blower question

Frost Posted By Frost, Jan 30, 2010 at 1:51 PM

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  1. Frost

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    Sep 17, 2008
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    Hi all, I have a Breckwell 2700 on its 2nd winter, and we have been very happy with it so far. The last couple nights, we have had an issue I'm trying to get to the bottom of , and thought I might get some advice here. The stove was ran last winter on the "manual" setting , on either setting 1, or 2, depending on outside temps , and the odd time 3 for maybe 30 mins before it would heat us out of the room . This winter I've added a thermostat , and have been running the stove on the 'on/off" setting, which has worked great.The stove was run with the stat all of the fall season on 1 , and winter on 2 so far until this week , with no issues.

    The last couple days have been extremely cold here and twice i have bumped the stove up to 3 to get a bit more heat. Both times , the stove has ran for approx 15-30 mins on 3, and REALLY pumped out the heat. After this time i seem to lose the combustion blower , the stove will shut off and flash a #2 error code. when i did this last night i opened the side and looked at the combustion blower. I work with alot of larger electric motors , and realize they do run quite hot , but how hot should this small blower motor be getting under normal running? I could hardly touch it , it was damn hot ! I have noticed over time of cleaning the stove that the motor has been has been showing signs of heat , but the bearings seem to be fine etc. i threw a tester on it after it shut down , and there was voltage to the motor but it would not run. Anyone have any idea if these motors possibly have a built in thermal overload? What i did find strange was the 125v to ground was on the white wire and not the blue.
    (white is commonly a neutral, not a voltage wire in most other wiring applications that i deal with)

    I notice there is a small cooling fan attached to the blower shaft , outside the blower chamber to help cool the fan , but not really any kind of insulation or shielding between the blower housing and the motor. This is normal?

    The manual does say not to run higher than #3 with a stat connected, wondering if this has something to do with it., have also had the back plate off the stove at the time, but I would guess this should just let in more air if anything....

    Wondering if maybe the combustion blower is getting worn and not running at the 3000 rpm , and not getting rid of heat fast enough at setting 3, not sure how i'd check the speed though...

    The stove is cleaned regularly, pipe and all, though i will do a complete cleaning today again and try the #3 setting on "manual" , and see what happens.

    Any ideas?

  2. jtakeman

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    When was the last time you removed the blower and cleaned the impeller?

    The motor would not run because it hit it's thermal overload. When it cools it will restart. Even though this is a motor with sealed bearings, You can drop some lube in it to see if the thermal overload issue stop's for a bit. If that is the case it's time for a new motor-blower assembly. There have been issue's with the Breckwells loosing conv and combustion blowers. I would contact Breckwell and see if you get a replacement.

    On the T-stat deal about higher than 3 setting. It is mostly because when the T stat makes the room temp. The stove goes's to shutdown mode and the convection fan will drop to low. This may trip the High limit snap disk becuase the fan cycles to low to quickly. One way around that when running higher than 3 setting is to keep the fan set on high.

    Call breckwell service and get them to send you a new combustion blower.
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