Breckwell big E all 5 lights on

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New Member
Mar 11, 2023
Memphis NY
Hello all, my power went out last night for a minute and when it came back on, my stove kept itself going but all 5 heat setting lights came on, the fire was raging and it was 100° in my house withing 40 minutes. The stove was hot to the touch all over, even in the hopper and on the top, somewhere it is never hot. I could not control the settings or turn the stove off, I had to just unplug it for a minute and plug it back in and it was fine after that. My concern is, this was in the middle of the night and I just happened to get up for a minute and noticed it was very warm in the house and it was very bright, the fire was intense enough to burn all of the soot off the glass. Had I not gotten up, I can only imagine how far it would have gone. Does anybody know what happened and why my stove would do this? And if there's anything I can do to prevent it in the future. Usually when I notice the power is out I shut everything off so it doesn't all just surge back to life when power is restored, but in my sleep, I'd never know there was a problem until it's too late


Minister of Fire
Dec 2, 2017
do you have a good surge bar or backup power supply on the unit this should stop that.. Check your stove firebox over carefully in the manual it states not to run the stove more than 20 min on settings 4, 5 as it may cause damage. Issues like this is why i cannot leave my stove on over night i just could not sleep expecting the worst.

Lucky you woke up could have ended allot worse